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Massive progress made today .. Well done


We are given the news that we've reached the top of the list!

Our plot was allocated and we went up to see our new project. As you can see it was quite a mess! We decided from the off that we would be making raised beds and giving the 'no dig' approach a go. We have zero experience at this - its a completely new challenge, we cannot wait!

Massive progress made today .. Well done


A long hot summer kept us away, but after the stripping back, we laid thick membrane down to stop the weeds coming back. Its been down for two months and its really done the trick.

Massive progress made today .. Well done


The clearing of the plot begins. We used heavy duty brush cutters to strip back the mixture of bindweed, nettles, weeds & redundant raspberry bushes; Luckily we had a few helpers!

Massive progress made today .. Well done


The building of raised beds; made from old scaffolding boards. We cut the membrane out inside the boxes, laid cardboard first then manure, compost & topsoil. The laid mulch around the beds. The planks were very kindly given us from Frome Scaffolding, Mendip Developments cut them to size for us & Andrew Pobjoy donated the manure & mulch.

We have a little helper making raised be


Here is our beautiful niece Clementine who is was delighted to hear of the allotment; She is glueing copper coins to the sleepers to keep the snails away.

Planning & planting has begun .. #crossk


We've added some structures that we hope will be filled with lots of 'green stuff' next spring! Frames all built ourselves, we've been getting 'pinterest happy' ..





The planning and planting begins. We've read lots of books and taken advice from those in the know! We have decided to buy a polytunnel as we have the space and Mark really wants a huge crop of tomatoes. 

Getting there.. #crosskeysrode #firstall


The building continues .. here is our flower frame to support the flowers as they grown - hopefully!

We brought the seedlings outside to the


We sowed some seeds and started in the pub .. bringing them out each day for some sunshine and to harden-off. We started with pumpkins, cavolo nero, rainbow chard, heritage carrots, celery, beetroot, french beans, cauliflower, runner beans, butternut squash, 18 varieties of tomato, various lettuces, lots of flowers and herbs.

Another structure! #squasharch #keysallo


Mark built an arch to (again, hopefully!) grow our butternut squash and pumpkins on. We will support with some homemade hammocks as they start to grow and get heavy.

Polytunnel staging was today’s job ..jpg


Todays job was to build the staging for our recently purchased poly tunnel. This was made from recycled pallets that were kindly donated. We will transfer the seedlings into the polytunnel once it is up - the table will provide the perfect platform.

🍏🌽🥒🥬🥔🍓🍋 #puballotment #labouroflo


Veg peelings have kept ours and other plot holders compost bins full! Isn't it great that we can use our kitchen waste up here?


The polytunnel has arrived and it's all hands on deck to erect. We bought the polytunnel from Northern Polytunnels, its 10ftx8ft, we have a sliding door on one end & a breathable mesh on the other.


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We have bought some of the greens down to plant out - Runner beans, butternut squash and french beans. Unfortunately we suffered one last frost after we have planted and despite covering with hay and fleece they didn't survive. Not to panic, we sowed some seeds straight away, they will soon catch up. Its all still a great learning curve for us.


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