Served with Chips or Jacket Potato, Peas, Onion Rings & Grilled Tomato


Single Muscle Rump Steak

Cut from the centre rump section in the hind quarter comprising of a single muscle, making it a premium cut & very tender


Hanger Steak

Sous Vide Hanger, a cut from the end of the diaphragm, favoured for its flavour. Cooked Rare to Medium/Rare


Gammon Steak

Thick D Cut Gammon Steak       


Ribeye Steak - supplement £6

The ribeye is the juiciest of all the steaks; It gets its amazing flavour from the fat marbling, which you will see throughout the cut.





Peppercorn, Blue Cheese or Bearnaise Sauce

Onion Rings

Garlic or Plain Mushrooms

Mixed Greens


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